Accelerate supply chain decarbonization and meet your net zero goals

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Reduce your carbon footprint by implementing high impact projects within your value chain, get suppliers engaged and project financing unlocked.

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Most corporations know where their emissions come from - but it stops with the execution. ATMO empowers corporations to use their existing data, assign high impact decarbonisation projects to its suppliers, get the financing in place, track project implementation and carbon reduction.

ATMO enables Insetting at scale for retailers, brands and their suppliers.

Retailers & Brands

Decarbonise at a fraction of the investment cost and engage your supply chain

Identify and assign projects to suppliers

Get insights on climate & operational impact

Finance the transition & get ahead with net zero progress

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Secure low cost debt financing and become climate resilient.

Gain insights on biggest decarbonisation levers

Get financing in place

Implement projects & measure impact

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Financial institutions

Extend loan-books in overlooked markets at collateralised risks. Decarbonise & de-risk investment portfolio.

Get access to SME suppliers at collateralised risks

Measure climate reductions of lending portfolio

Get closer to net zero targets

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February 2, 2024

Green finance

What do banks have to do with sustainability and why are they the key to decarbonisation? Finance plays a crucial role in fueling decarbonization efforts across various sectors of the economy and fuels the green transition.

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February 2, 2024

Offsetting or Insetting

Most people have heard by now about offsetting, but what’s insetting? Insetting and offsetting are both strategies aimed at addressing and mitigating

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February 2, 2024

Green Claims directive

On January 17th the EU parliament voted on the Green Claims Directive with overwhelming 593 votes vs. 21. This means the following will be banned from 2026 onwards

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