About ATMO

We help corporations to accelerate progress towards their net zero targets through insetting. Instead of compensating emissions by purchasing offset credits, ATMO accelerates decarbonisation projects within the value chain. By focussing on project execution and enabling project financing, suppliers can implement much needed decarbonisation projects and become climate resilient for the future.

ATMO facilitates abatement strategies within the value chain through project initiation, originating of financing, project tracking and verified reductions. We supercharge decarbonisation plans by introducing a risk model between corporations, its suppliers and financial institutions. ATMOs decarbonisation tool empowers corporations to make informed decisions, engage suppliers directly and track project implementation and reductions.

1. Initiate

Initiate decarbonisation projects with suppliers

2. Finance

Get financing for decarbonisation projects in place

3. Implement

Ensure project implementation with suppliers

4. Track

Track carbon reductions and measure climate impact

Retailers & Brands

Decarbonise at a fraction of the investment cost & engage supply chain. Achieve real reductions and accelerate net zero progress.


Secure low cost financing, become climate resilient and build strong partnerships

Financial institutions

Extend loan-books in overlooked markets at collateralised risks. Decarbonise & de-risk investment portfolio.

Why we do it

Climate change is ever so present and 1/3rd of today's emissions is coming from food production. To decarbonise global food supply chains there’s a lack of $100BN in funding. Science based targets lead the way on the road to net zero emissions but these targets must be achieved by decoupling growth from emissions and achieving actual reductions rather than compensating for these. Today there are significant barriers to implement these much needed decarbonisation projects, mainly the lack of capital and execution.

SME suppliers are directly impacted by climate change but lack the capital and incentive to implement decarbonisation plans. Corporations have hundreds if not thousands of suppliers and engaging these in a decarbonisation strategy takes time. SME loans often get declined due to the small check size, risks associated and lack of predictions to mitigate climate impact.

ATMO is on a mission to remove these obstacles, vastly speed up project initiation and execution and close the financing gap to empower corporations, small and medium business suppliers and financial institutions to thrive with a climate resilient and future proof value chain. We address carbon reduction, impact on biodiversity, water and other environmental factors.

Founding story

Jen Godderidge

Founder & CEO | Berlin

ATMO was founded in 2023 and has since attracted a broad range of talented individuals that want to reverse climate change and set up our food system for a low carbon economy. Jen, the founder, has left her job at a leading FMCG to address one of the leading causes of climate change. She believes that reaching net zero targets can only jointly be achieved through collaboration, transparency and risk sharing. Along the way a motivated team of experts in this field came together to join her in this mission with expertise in decarbonisation, software engineering, product management, user experience and design.

Global team

Matt Bullivant

Venture Advisor | Director of Sustainability & ESG strategy at OakNorth | London

Helena Wassermann

Venture Advisor | Founder & CEO Unstoppable Climate Leader & Investors for Climate | New York

Decarbonisaton expert | Bangalore

2 Lead engineers | Berlin

Product manager | Berlin

Designer | London